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Make the PERFECT CUSTOM Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Gift TODAY!

Metal Prints

Rindle Waves offers unique METAL PRINTS.  Modern all the way.  Your custom sound wave art looks vibrant and bold with our metal option.

Metal Print Details
-Your custom sound art image is “baked” into a polymer-coated sheet of the metal
-Polymer coating of the print makes it durable and scratch resistant
-Water resistant
-Clean by wiping your print down with a microfiber or other soft cloth
- Please note, however, that metal prints are meant to be displayed indoors
- Hang using an inset frame that positions your picture a dramatic ¾ inch from the wall
-We offer 6 unique and beautiful look options

Various looks - 6 finish designs to choose from - shown below.

Perfect gift idea for -
Anniversary - 8th, 10th and 11th, are all traditional metal gift years
Father's Day , Mother's Day - modern but timeless

There are countless options for this bold look.  
Please message me with any questions!

Size Guide

Don't see a size you want ?  
Message us as we can definitely make
custom sizes upon request!