2021 | Courier Shipping Delays | COVID19

Thank you for choosing Rindle Waves as your special custom print!

Unfortunately, the three couriers we use for shipping are all experiencing record delays due to a huge influx in online purchases and shipments this year. This frustrates us greatly, as our service of a beautiful product, as well as efficient arrival is a valued part of what we want to offer our buyers!

We are on target for our designing of all custom pieces, production is on target which is 2-5 days to produce most products physically. Holiday season can add 2 days to this timeline.

Once products dispatch to the couriers, we are at the mercy of the courier to hold up their end. 

- USPS service is completely overwhelmed now that's why we are seeing tracking issues such as no tracking updates or possible delay notice. They also released on their website an announcement that there will be delays with their deliveries due to the high volume of packages being shipped and limited employee availability due to COVID-19. 

- FedEx has issued on their site - COVID 19 closures and weather events may cause delivery delays

- UPS has now added a notice to their website noting the effects that COVID 19 has put on their deliveries. We have seen packages have been marked as "delivered" but only to show up a day or so later.

​We understand the frustration, as we too are frustrated with the situation and we really appreciate your patience regarding any shipping delay that might affect your delivery.

We GREATLY appreciate your support of our small business and kind understanding as we work through these shipping delays together!

Brooke - Rindle Waves 

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