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Meet owner and designer Brooke Rindle Waves
My name is Brooke & I am the artist & creative behind, Rindle Waves®!
It is a joy to make something special and meaningful that can be cherished and loved for years to come. I've had the honor of hearing and making prints of loved one's last words, lullabies sung by new moms, unborn little ones's heartbeats, professions of love, and amazing thank yous and tributes to amazing caregivers of those with special needs. 
Rindle waves owner
Making custom, unique and special pieces of art that not only captures special moments but also helps give back - this makes our work all the more special.

Giving back in some way was always in the back of my mind.  When the time came to build relationships with no profits it was a real honor.  We are fortunate that our Houston suburb has such an amazing organization called Hope for Three, that facilitates education, financial assistance and also helping change the perception of what autism is and how is it viewed!  Rindle Waves is honored to donate a portion of EVERY SALE to the charity organization, Hope for Three.   There are not enough words to express how honored and blessed we feel to be associated with this amazing charity and cause.  Another organization, Ausome & Able, is a school program that is in the making now to provide quality private education for children on the spectrum! 

Being personally touched by autism, I want everyone to gain a better understanding and acceptance of those living on the spectrum.  Embracing our differences and our strengths is what makes us stronger and better people as a whole. 

I am the proud parent of two amazing little boys, both of which are on the autism spectrum.  It has been a journey full of ups and downs.  Finding out that our first son, Jibreel, was on the spectrum around the age of two was truly one of the saddest times of my life.  I had this amazing little person that was so beautiful and happy but would struggle with things that come to others so naturally and easily.  It was a difficult diagnosis to accept and embrace.  Nevertheless, the reality of it indeed proved true. 

Soon after my first son's diagnosis, we found that we were expecting another son and prepared excitedly for a new addition to our family! Ruwaid was born happy and healthy.  Jibreel was learning to share the spotlight with his little brother and all seemed well until Ruwaid too started showing changes and regression in his abilities.  To accept this was again happening for the second time, was another heartache.   I couldn't have imagined it to have happened to our family twice.

Having been a nurse in the ICU for some time, it was now important to step away from my profession and necessary to take the opportunity to be at home with my little ones.  Therapies and the demands of caring for my two special needs kids, was and is demanding in ways that I don’t think I was fully prepared to handle.  It is in many ways a sad and lonely world, being a special needs parent.  I found I needed something to preoccupy my mind in ways other than the worry and being consumed by the stress of “what ifs” that would constantly creep into my mind.  In my quiet time, I turned to art. 

Always having been interested in art, I had loved painting and drawing from an early age, I picked up a paint brush and it all started there! First dabbling in various mediums, painting, and then digital art.  But when I found the awesome concept of sound wave art, I just knew I could put my own stamp on the art form!  Rindle Waves was born! And sound art "redefined" with my unique styling! 

I knew I wanted to make more than just art prints, I wanted to make moments.  I wanted to help others keep special moments near and dear as a reminder of special times, milestones and accomplishments in life.


Thank you so much for reading our story! 

Brooke - Founder and Artist of Rindle Waves

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